Pre-med internship in Europe’s best hospitals.

3-6 weeks | Summer 2019

Shadow 60+ hours. Multiple hospital specialties.
Travel in Spain, Italy, Greece, and more.

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Trusted by alumni from 400+ universities

95% of our alumni would recommend this program to a friend on and Our alumni come from the best universities across the U.S. and are vying for medical school seats.


Intern in Europe’s best hospitals this summer

Shadow physicians for 20+ hours per week, observe multiple specialties, and gain a more global perspective of medicine firsthand in some of Europe’s leading hospitals. Meet other pre-med and pre-health students from all over the US, learn from their experiences, and build a network for your future career.


Recognized by America’s leading healthcare and study abroad institutions

Atlantis is recognized by the leading healthcare and study abroad institutions in the U.S., including contributing to the Forum on Education Abroad and being committed to the AAMC’s ethical guidelines for shadowing.


“Atlantis is an opportunity of a lifetime…

The program helped catapult me to a full-tuition (and generous living stipend!) merit scholarship at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine where I currently attend and will graduate with an MD."

Selena Pasadyn
Harvard University '16
Cleveland Clinic, M.D. '20

 Atlantis Connect Conference, Italian Embassy, Washington DC, 2018

Atlantis Connect Conference, Italian Embassy, Washington DC, 2018

Accelerate your pre-med summer.

   Shadow 60+ hours

   Student to doctor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1

   Small groups (10-15 pre-meds)

   On-site Atlantis staff

   Clean, local housing

   Group meals & weekly excursions

   Travel health insurance

   Weekend travel free-time

   Flight & arrival planning

Getting started is easy

Our application usually takes 30-45 minutes to complete, and you will hear back from us within 2-3 business days. The program is not extremely competitive, but we look for professional, mature students who are serious about healthcare careers and will represent American pre-med students well in an international hospital environment.

 Atlantis Fellows, Athens, 2017

Atlantis Fellows, Athens, 2017

GPA matters for med school. Your story matters even more.

The AAMC says having a great GPA and MCAT score is not enough. Holistic evaluation frameworks mean Med School Admissions Committees are looking for applicants who demonstrate maturity in a wide variety of settings, including clinical settings while maintaining a track record of overcoming challenges. You can do both with Atlantis.


Financial aid makes it possible.

Atlantis is an investment in your career just like paying tuition. And like your college, we offer payment plans, financing and aid options varying by program to help make participation possible. Our team works with you to find a program that fits your budget.

Flexible dates work with your summer plans.

You can still have a summer job, take summer classes, or conduct summer research and go abroad with Atlantis. Program lengths and dates are designed to fit around your summer schedule.

Foreign language skills not required.

Our incredible physician partners are prepared to host English-speaking students, but since all patient interactions are in the host language, we always recommend learning a few phrases!

 Atlantis Fellows, Coimbra, 2017

Atlantis Fellows, Coimbra, 2017


"At the end of the day I think [Atlantis] made me a more competitive applicant for medical school because it showed commitment to cultural competence/global health as well as the initiative to seek out new opportunities since it is in independent program outside of undergrad programs. I cannot say if it played a part in my matriculation into medical school but I can say that I did bring it up in my interviews."

Hannah Kennedy
Almansa, Spain Winter Fellow 2017
Kent State University


"I still keep in contact with some of the doctors from my site quite frequently. I did think the program made my application stronger as it allowed me to see beyond just the US healthcare system as well as have a more diverse shadowing experience than many of the other students that I talked to in my program."

Kenna Lum
A Coruña, Spain Summer Fellow 2016
Arizona State University
Midwestern University DO Program


"I met friends of a life time while following my dream of pursuing a career in health care! I learned so much from the doctors and from my peers. This was an experience I will never forget and I am so happy I had the opportunity to grow as a person both in my career and in my personal life."

Jessica Sheu
Ciudad Real, Spain Summer Fellow 2016
Rice University


"We're on a mission to change global healthcare."

G. Lawson Kuehnert, Atlantis CEO


Atlantis Connect Conference, Italian Embassy, Washington DC, 2018

 Atlantis HQ Office Balcony, 2018

Atlantis HQ Office Balcony, 2018

We believe the future of healthcare is global.

Technological innovation is rapidly making the world a smaller place. The next generation of American healthcare professionals must be prepared to collaborate and work cross-culturally and across borders. Our vision is to become the world's leading healthcare education company by connecting students, universities, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and public healthcare administrators around a common cause of improving healthcare education and global patient care.


Washington, D.C. is our home, but we work around the world.

Our team headquarters are located just outside of Washington, D.C. but our Regional Directors hail from around the globe.


Noah Walker
Director of Operations


David Saavedra
Regional Director: Spain


Nathan van den Berg
Regional Director: Spain


Berardo Gaivão
Regional Director: Portugal


Jon-Pål Gagnum
Regional Director: Greece


Carlo Brennan
Regional Director: Italy


Péter Soltész
Regional Director: Central Europe


Viktória Bedő
Regional Director: Central Europe