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2018 Altlantis Pre-Med Summit

2018 Altlantis Pre-Med Summit

The Mission of the the Atlantis Community:

At Atlantis it is our mission to help pre-medical students determine if medicine is the right path for them, and, if so, to discover their calling within the field. The Fellowships are designed to poise these students to pursue their a calling to medicine passionately, and to ultimately become healthcare professionals who pursue excellence within their community and the world. The Atlantis Community is comprised of U.S. and international doctors, Atlantis Alumni, North American universities, and international hospitals that all share one goal: to equip future healthcare leaders to pursue their callings passionately.


Atlantis Community


Create a Professional Network

During The Atlantis Fellowship, students are able to build relationships with other pre-med and healthcare-focused students, as well as international doctors and hospital administrators.  Long-term, the Atlantis vision is to create a more interconnected global healthcare system that encourages an exchange of knowledge across individual healthcare systems. 

Atlantis Alumni and Doctor Events

Atlantis hosts conferences and events for international partners, Atlantis Fellow Alumni, and pre-medical student leaders. The goal of these events is to strengthen networks in the medical community and further the exchange of knowledge and best practices.


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Meet some of our Atlantis Alumni

Atlantis Alumni during the Inaugural Atlantis Pre-med Summit, January 2018

Atlantis Alumni during the Inaugural Atlantis Pre-med Summit, January 2018