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Application FAQs

Q: Am I eligible?
For our clinical shadowing programs you need to be attending or recently graduated student from a university in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico and at least 18 years old. For our high school programs, you must be at least 16 years old when the program begins, and have a strong interest in a career in healthcare.

Q. What is the deadline for Summer 2020 applications?
Summer 2020 is open! But many hospital placements will fill quickly so we urge you to apply as early as possible to save your spot. We do not have a set deadline, but placements are filled on a rolling basis.

Q. How competitive is the Atlantis Program?
We look for students who are serious about healthcare careers and will act maturely and professionally in a hospital environment. If this is you, we encourage you to apply. Note that if your GPA is low (lower than 3.0), we will likely ask you about this in your interview.

Q. How long does the application take?
We recommend blocking at least 30-60 minutes to complete your application.

Q. What happens next after I apply?
Typically our team will reach out within a few days and inform you if your application passed and to explain next steps. Most students will then interview with us. The interview is not intensive - we just want to learn more about you and your interest in healthcare. It is also a chance for you to learn more about us. During or after the interview we will inform you whether you were accepted for this summer or not. If you are accepted, you will have two weeks to choose your placement and pay the $900 deposit to hold it.

Q. Can I save my application and return?
Yes! If you click the "save progress and resume later" button, you will receive a link to pick up your application where you left off. Don't lose the link or you'll have to start over!

Q. Do you accept high-school students?
Yes, if you are in high school and interested in medicine or healthcare, we encourage you to apply. We have limited global placements for high school students, so don’t wait!