Atlantis Library

Atlantis Library is a resource section for pre-meds, M.D. students, and other pre-health students. We are compiling the best advice and information for your career path here. Every piece of content is selected and edited with care. Enjoy! 


Pre-Med Advice & Resources

We have compiled the most helpful content from pre-health thought leaders specifically for pre-health students.

How I got into Med School: a series

This section houses a collection of stories from current medical students detailing their journey of acceptance to medical school.

Real Doctors, Real Stories: a series

We asked current doctors to share a story of adversity and struggle with us, with the hopes of humanizing medicine for our pre-health audience.


Atlantis Podcast

The Atlantis Podcast is designed to cut through the mountain of information available to students interested in pre-health professions and present the most important information in a way that’s easy to understand.