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Atlantis M.D. Fellowship

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M.D. Fellowship Overview. 

The Atlantis M.D. Fellowship is a competitive physician shadowing program for current M.D. candidates with placements in Europe or South America during summer 2018 (May-August). You will join a group of M.D. candidates from medical schools across the United States to shadow doctors in various specialties for 20+ hours per week abroad. Applications are now open. 


What's Included?

Housing: We arrange your program housing and you will live with other students on your program. Housing varies depending on availability, but usually you will share a room with one or two Fellows in a university dorm, hostel, or hotel.

Hospital placement : We will arrange your hospital and doctor shadowing program. Specialty options vary by location and you will usually be shadowing one-to-one with a doctor or in pairs with another Fellow. Observing surgical procedures is not guaranteed. You will have the option before your program to choose your leading preferences for specialties in your hospital, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to see your preferred specialties. 

24/7 Staff Support: Our trained international team is available 24/7 to help you in your city.

Excursions: Our international team will coordinate a number of fun trips with your groups, usually on Fridays, to nearby areas. 

Travel Health Insurance: We provide travel health insurance to help cover any medical expenses you incur abroad.

Arrival/Departure: We do not do airport pickup in most locations. However, our programs team in Washington, D.C. will thoroughly prepare you for the logistics of planning your travel. 

Partial Meals: We provide two group dinners per week (usually Monday and Wednesday), lunch on excursion days, and light breakfast.




The Atlantis Clinical Fellowship has start dates in summer 2018. Summer programs are 2 or 4 weeks. Program start dates vary by city, and if accepted you will have the opportunity to review open programs and select a start date that works for your schedule. 


If accepted, your enrollment fee is $900 USD and is due within two weeks of acceptance. This nonrefundable fee reserves your placement and serves as a housing deposit. A separate program fee will be $1120 or more depending on the length of program you choose. If you have concerns about financing before applying, please contact our Admissions team at any time. Flights are not included.

How to Apply

Our online application takes about 60-90 minutes to complete and our team in Washington D.C. will review your application in the order it was received. No application fee.


Hear from Alumni.

The trek into medicine can be an arduous undertaking. The distinctive experience offered by the Atlantis Project can serve to validate and invigorate your desire to enter the medical field. ... [It is] an opportunity unlike any other.
— George Bugarinovic, Harvard Medical School M.D. '20