Big News


Two Very Exciting Updates from Washington, DC

1. We are launching a full suite of new pre-med summer programs in Europe and South America: including clinical shadowing, MCAT, research, and service learning. Apply here.

2. We are simplifying our brand and moving from "Atlantis Project" to just "Atlantis." We are excited to continue serving our students as America's leading pre-med summer program!

If you are an alumni and want to connect, or have previously started an application or reached out to us and still have questions, contact us anytime here! We'd love to help you re-engage or connect.

We want to leave our readers with a thoughtful and challenging piece of content on healthcare. Atul Gawande is a surgeon and public health journalist whose TED talk below "How to Heal Medicine" is an excellent reminder that medicine is more than medication. 

Lawson Kuehnert