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The 3 Best Ways to Get Free MCAT Questions of the Day

Looking for a free, bite-sized piece of MCAT prep material delivered to your email inbox daily? Whether you have already designed an MCAT study plan and are looking for an additional tidbit of high-yield info or want to get exposure to MCAT-style questions early and often, Questions of the Day are a straightforward, quick, and consistent way to assess how ready you are for the MCAT!

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MCAT Scoring Explained in 5 minutes

When you’ve finally taken your MCAT, burned all of your notes (just kidding, those are important), and resigned yourself to waiting for your score to be released, the last thing you want to be met with when finally receiving it is a feeling of “huh???” You might be surprised to find out that MCAT scores are not as straight forward as you might think, but stick around and we’ll explain everything you need to know in this article.

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