Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador


Cuenca is the second largest city in Ecuador and is nestled high in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of just over 8,000 feet. This city is described as "the most European city in Ecuador" due to its architecture and rich history. This dazzling colonial city is known for its waterfront along the Tomebamba River, its central plaza with the famous blue-domed Catedral Nueva, and its 16th century Catedral Nueva. Cuenca is a great site for students looking to immerse themselves in Latin American culture and practice their Spanish skills. 


Hospital Universitario del Río is a university hospital with a wide variety of general departments are included as the doctors and administration work to service the area of Cuenca. As a university hospital, it is expected of the staff to teach and encourage students in their medical studies. This public hospital has approximately 150 beds in the general hospitalization area. 


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