Karlovac, Croatia

Karlovac, Croatia


Karlovac is an historic city in the countryside of Croatia, named after Charles II, an Austrian Archduke and constructed in 1579 as an Austrian defense city against the Ottoman Empire. Located about 35 miles from the nation’s capital, Zagreb, Karlovac serves as a peaceful escape city, and is known throughout Croatia as grad parkova (the city of parks) and grad na cetiri rijeke (the town of four rivers) due to its natural beauty. The town was originally founded as a six-pointed star fortress, and this unique star shape can still be seen around the town, an interested harkening to its history. Karlovac promises a unique cultural experience, boasts the largest freshwater aquarium in central Europe, and is sister cities with Kansas City, Kansas.


Opća Bolnica Karlovac, which in English is the General Hospital of Karlovac, is one of twenty two small General Hospitals throughout Croatia’s countryside. Opća Bolnica Karlovac is constantly being renovated and developed with aid from the European Union. With many specialties to choose from ranging from Oncology to traumatology, Opća Bolnica Karlovac is a wonderful location to learn about the medical field


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