Mantua is situated in the Lombardy region and it is considered one of the main artistic and cultural hubs in Northern Italy. Mantua is known as La Bella Addormentata, a sleeping beauty that hasn't changed since the middle ages. Surrounded by three artificial lakes created in the twelfth century, Mantua is a city still full of Renaissance splendour where visitors can also enjoy the tranquility of the lakes or a walk or cycle ride along the banks of the River Mincio.

The city owes a lot of its prestige to the wealthy and powerful Gonzaga family (yes, the American University is named after one of them), who ruled the city for nearly four centuries.

Food, art, nature and a welcoming atmosphere are reasons why the greatest Italian Renaissance writer, Torquato Tasso, wrote “...Mantua is a magnificent town, worth a thousand mile travel to see it...”

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