Trieste is the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in northeast Italy. A port city, it occupies a thin strip of land between the Adriatic coast and Slovenia’s border. Italian, Austro-Hungarian, and Slovenian influences are all evident in its layout, which encompasses a medieval old city and a neoclassical Austrian quarter. This is an extraordinary destination for its historic treasures, artworks and its middle-European character. Big enough to be cosmopolitan, but small enough to not be chaotic Trieste is the most international city of the region.

Trieste also has a mixture of religions: this is evident as soon as you arrive in the city. For many centuries, Trieste has had, among others, a Greek Orthodox Church, a Serbian Orthodox Church, a Synagogue, a Lutheran Evangelical Church and, the oldest of all, a Swiss Evangelical Church. Off Trieste's coast is its broad Gulf, with numerous tiny bays, small harbors and breathtaking reefs; and of course Miramare Castle is accompanied by the splendid blue of the sea.

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