Valladolid is the largest city in northwestern Spain, with an urban population of 420,000 people. Originally named from the Celtic expression Vallis Tolitum, meaning “valley of waters,” Valladolid is situated in between two rivers, Pisuerga and Esgueva, and was originally founded by Celtic Vaccaei people, being re-established in 1072 by King Alfonso VI of Castile. During the Middle Ages, Valladolid was prominent as the Court of Castile, and was the site of Isabel I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon’s marriage in 1469. In 1506, Christopher Columbus died there in a house that can now be toured as a museum in his dedication. There are still many historical monuments that can be found here, including the unfinished cathedral from the 16th century, the Plaza Mayor, after which Madrid’s main square is created, and many museums and churches of intricate architectural design.

As a major economic center in Spain, Valladolid boasts many companies, with one of their largest industries being automotive, including Renault and Michelin. Located about two hours from Madrid and two hours from Portugal, Valladolid is in an ideal area for supplemental travel. Sister cities with Florence, Italy; Lille, France; and Orlando, USA, Valladolid is an historic city full of culture that promises a unique Spanish experience.

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