Live at the crossroads of European history, and experience the cultures empires past

With countless islands dotting the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, it's no question that seaside expeditions are a must while abroad. The water has deep, clear colors that you only dream of in movies, and miles upon miles of sandy beaches to get away from the bustling metropolitan areas. In bold contrast, the towering mountains in the Dinaric Alps that sit just off the coast will quickly have you mesmerized.  Throughout the rugged terrain you'll find cascading waterfalls, awe-inspiring lakes, and picturesque mountain peaks. The further you progress north into the inner-most parts of the country, you'll find more and more beautiful, lush farmland. There is a host of natural options for any nature-loving type.

Sitting as the gateway between the Balkans and central Europe, Croatia has experience a wide range of kingdoms, empires, and other powers. The stories the walls have to tell are countless. Between Roman columns swapping stories with the Viennese mansions, and fortresses from the days of Napoleon overlooking the sea reflecting on eras past, there's a unique blend of cultures that provides a rich, fascinating experience sure to captivate any traveler throughout the country.

After a long day of hiking through the mountains or exploring an old fortress, you can always find a small family-run restaurant to have a go at the local cuisine. The traditional meals range from rich seafood dishes to creative uses of basic ingredients like grains, dairy, meats, and vegetables. After trying your hand at some of the more traditional meals, be sure to look for more modern restaurants putting a new spin on the traditional dishes.

Croatians are a passionate population that love sharing about their culture and country. As a growing hub for visitors, they are accustomed to having visitors in their country and are accommodating to their foreign counterparts. Croatians have a strong national pride about their country.


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