How it Works

The Atlantis Clinical Fellowship provides AAMC-compliant physician shadowing in an international hospital setting, and takes place over university winter and summer breaks in cities across Europe.

Atlantis Fellows are afforded the opportunity to experience global healthcare in a variety of specialties for at least 20 hours each week. Most programs are 3 weeks long and comprised of 10-15 students.

Outside of shadowing, Fellows enjoy weekly cultural excursions, group meals, and the opportunity to discover a new country with other pre-med students from around the U.S. and North America.

Shadow 60+ hours
Student to doctor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1
Small groups of 10-15 students
Group meals & weekly excursions
Travel health insurance
Weekend travel free-time
24/7 Atlantis staff in your city
Clean, local group housing

Trusted by alumni from 400+ universities

95% of alums would recommend this program to a friend on and Our alumni come from the best universities across the U.S. and are vying for medical school seats.

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Intern in Europe’s best hospitals this summer

Shadow physicians for 20+ hours per week, observe multiple specialties, and gain a more global perspective of medicine firsthand in some of Europe’s leading hospitals. Meet other pre-med and pre-health students from all over the US, learn from their experiences, and build a network for your future career.


Recognized by America’s leading healthcare and study abroad institutions

Atlantis is recognized by the leading healthcare and study abroad institutions in the U.S., including contributing to the Forum on Education Abroad and being committed to the AAMC’s ethical guidelines for shadowing.

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Atlantis Fellows in the hospital with Jon-Pål Gagnum, Atlantis Regional Director of Greece, Athens, Greece 2017

Atlantis Fellows in the hospital with Jon-Pål Gagnum, Atlantis Regional Director of Greece, Athens, Greece 2017

Hospital Spotlight

Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena
Madrid, Spain

Opened in 2007, the Infanta Elena University Hospital is a university connected public health center in Madrid that is able to provide quality health services to thousands of patients with a plethora of services, including pneumology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, general surgery, and much more. Infanta Elena is therefore an excellent location for shadowing, as it offers exposure to a diversity of medical specialties in an established teaching environment, all within a thriving and exciting European city.

Av. de los Reyes Catolicos, 21, 28342 Valdemoro, Madrid, Spain

Av. de los Reyes Catolicos, 21, 28342 Valdemoro, Madrid, Spain

Atlantis Fellow Peter Waugh shadowing in the OR at Infanta Elena, Summer 2018

Atlantis Fellow Peter Waugh shadowing in the OR at Infanta Elena, Summer 2018

Valuable, ethical shadowing hours

AAMC-compliant, observation-only shadowing
20+ hours each week in the hospital
Rotate through a new medical specialty each week
Observe patient care and a variety of procedures
Student to doctor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1
Learn firsthand how culture affects healthcare

Life as an Atlantis Fellow

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Meals include a daily light breakfast, typically in the housing with the other Fellows. Embrace the traditional local breakfast and coffee, grab your white lab coat, name badge, and notebook, then it's off to the hospital!

Shadowing Days

Spend at minimum 5 hours each shadowing day with your host doctor. Whether they are conducting consultations, grabbing a coffee with colleagues, or orchestrating an intense 6 hour femur reconstruction surgery, you will be right by their side throughout it all.

Group Activities

The three group meals per week and weekly cultural excursion are organized by your Site Manager and are an excellent opportunity to try the local cuisine, immerse yourself in the local culture, and bond with your Fellowship group through exciting experiences and great conversation.


Whether you want to explore your host city on your own or plan a getaway to another European city with a group, weekends on the Fellowship are 100% free and allow for a multitude of enriching experiences. With this flexibility, Fellows are able to have both a valuable clinical experience and an influential abroad experience.


Safety is our priority

We are extremely selective about placement locations, and we have excellent, trained Site Managers on the ground at every single placement. Site Managers supervise the Fellows, and take time to teach them about the city and other relevant cultural expectations to make sure that the program is as valuable as possible for every student there.

With trained staff in every program location, Atlantis Fellows always have someone they can call in a time of need. Our Fellows are also equipped with local phones during their Fellowship and have Atlantis-provided travel health insurance that can cover lost baggage and most normal medical expenses that may happen on program.

Taking safety seriously! Our summer 2019 Site Manager team going through safety training in Alicante, Spain.


Dates & Financing

A smart investment in your future


Dates & Fees

Program start dates are on Saturdays from May-August for the summer season and December-January for the winter season. Specific dates vary per Fellowship program and can be viewed on our accepted students portal, or through your Admissions Coordinator. Program fees range from $2000-$6000 depending on the length of that Fellowship and housing and operational costs in the host city.


Fellowships are offered in a wide variety of cities across Europe, each promoting a unique cultural and hospital experience. From the most bustling capitals to small historic towns, a variety of program experiences are available to choose from once accepted.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to qualified accepted students, varies based on student need and program cost, and requires a separate application. Your Admissions Coordinator is always available to help strategize fundraising. For more information on aid, click the link below.

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"The Atlantis Fellowship grants unique and invaluable exposure to medicine, while fostering meaningful experiences that aid in cross-cultural competency and maturity. Ultimately, these benefits prove themselves in our lives not only as students, but as individuals, as well during our medical school application process."

Logan Posey
Milan, Italy Fellowship 2018
Stanford University


Our Admissions Process


Online Application (1hr)

  • Check your eligibility > (1 min)
  • Contact info (5 min)
  • Academics: No transcript required (5 min)
  • Personal statement (20 min)
  • Short essay questions (35 min)

Video Interview & Admissions Decision (~30 min)

Be prepared to discuss the following during your interview:

  • Your application
  • Your career goals in healthcare
  • Why you are pursuing medicine
  • Why you are interested in the Atlantis Fellowship

The Admissions team looks for a genuine passion for healthcare, good communication skills, an altruistic attitude, maturity, and professionalism in all of our potential Atlantis Fellows, as this shows us how you will interact with our international hospital partners.

Enrollment Process (2 Weeks)

  • Choose a Fellowship placement
  • Choose a payment plan
  • Submit the $900 Enrollment Fee
  • E-sign the student contract

Your Admissions Coordinator is the best resource for answering any questions that you or your family may have during the enrollment process.


After your enrollment is approved for your Fellowship, one of our operations team members will be your main point of contact to make sure that you are prepared and feel comfortable and confident about travel logistics, cultural changes, and program expectations. They will also make sure your passport is up to date and that you submit any other required forms needed to go abroad or for your specific hospital placement.


Ready to apply?

Our application usually takes 1 hour to complete, and you will hear back from us within 2-3 days. The program is not extremely competitive, but we look for professional, mature students who are serious about healthcare careers and will represent American pre-med students well in an international hospital environment.


Join Multiple Summers


Summer 1: Explore

Welcome to Atlantis. This summer you will join a group of 10-15 pre-med students and complete 60+ hours of shadowing through your clinical internship at one of Europe’s best hospitals. You will also have access to guidebooks and resources to help you make smart decisions about medical school prep.


Summer 2: Grow

You are now an Atlantis alum and an experienced traveler. Explore a new country or return with friends. Build deeper clinical experiences in a new hospital and start working with our advising team and MD mentors to build your personal statement and application strategy. Choose to focus on MCAT prep or service work in this summer, or act as a natural leader for first-time Fellows.

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Summer 3: Capstone

This is your Atlantis capstone summer. Choose to explore a new city or return with friends. Leave this summer with a finished draft of your personal statement, a polished resume, and helpful feedback from mock medical school interviews with our MD mentors. Choose this summer to do a more intensive MCAT prep or volunteer hours with a service focus.




What is a typical day for an Atlantis Fellow like? 

Though the daily schedule varies by program, most Atlantis Fellows shadow five hours per day, Monday through Thursday, beginning at 8 or 9 am. After shadowing, Fellows enjoy free time at their housing, time in the city, or a group dinner. Fridays are excursion days, and weekends are free to rest, explore the city, or travel!

How is this different than a normal shadowing experience or study abroad program?

As a program that unites many aspects of a shadowing and study abroad experience, we emphasize education within the hospital setting, prioritizing shadowing experience and learning “outside of the classroom.” Weekly excursions supplement hospital experiences through opportunities for deeper cultural exploration. While we want our students to enjoy their experiences abroad, we also expect each student to bring a readiness to learn and an extreme level of professionalism both inside and outside of the hospital.

What will my housing be like?

Most students live in hotel or apartment-style housing and share a room or common spaces with other students on their same Fellowship. All of our housing is clean, safe, local, and has wi-fi, though it’s worth it to note that most housing in Europe may be smaller than you expect and may rely on fans instead of AC. If you’re unsure about housing in a particular location, talk to your Admissions Coordinator! Housing addresses are released to enrolled Fellows 2 weeks before the program start date.