What’s Included

Hospital placement
Clean, local housing
Daily light breakfast
3 group meals per week
24/7 Atlantis staff in your city
Weekly cultural excursion
Travel health insurance

Intern in Europe's best hospitals.

Shadow physicians for 20+ hours per week, observe multiple specialties, and gain a more global perspective of medicine firsthand in some of Europe’s leading hospitals. Meet other pre-med and pre-health students from all over the US, learn from their experiences, and build a network for your future career.



Program fees vary based on length of Fellowship and location. Fellowships start at $2,399 for 2 week programs in the summer.

All Fellowships have a $900 non-refundable enrollment fee due within 2 weeks of acceptance into the Atlantis Fellowship.

Fellows can expect to budget for the cost of flights to and from their host city as well as all non-group meals. We advise Fellows to budget approximately $150/week as a guideline.

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Committed to Financial Aid

Atlantis is an investment in your career just like paying tuition. And like your college, we offer payment plans, financing and aid options varying by program to help make participation possible. A typical financial aid package can cover up to 15% of the program fees, and eligibility is determined through a separate application availble to accepted students only.

Our team works with you to find a program that fits your budget and fundraising solutions that fit your schedule. We are committed to working with you to determine the finanical plan that makes the most sense for your future Atlantis Fellowship.


Flexible Payment Plans


Option 1: Pay in Full

Students choosing to utilize this payment option receive a $50 discount off their program fees. Paying in full requires the $900 enrollment fee with the remaining balance paid within one week from their enrollment date.

Option 2: Two Payments

The two payments plan gives students the flexibility to pay their remaining balance after enrollment in two half payments. With this payment plan, the first half of the balance is due halfway between enrollment and the program start date, with the second half due 4 weeks before the program start date.

Option 3: Monthly Payments

Monthly payments allow students to make smaller payments from the time of enrollment through the spring semester. Students choosing this plan will be required to initiate their monthly payment plan by the end of the month in which they enrolled, and payments will be automatically charged each month until the full balance is paid.


"While everyone's initial determining factor is the price tag that they see for the program location of their desire, let me tell you something, it's absolutely worth it. In the US, there are few hospitals that allow shadowing of surgeons and physicians, and even fewer that allow you to be in the operating room seeing everything the medical providers see. For those unsure of their career path in medicine, this is the best thing to figure out if the hospital life is for you."

David Alexander Ceraolo
Atlantis Ecuador ‘17
University of San Francisco ‘17



Raising the cost of a Fellowship can be daunting. We're here to help. From the fundraising guide to our own team's experience raising money for various endeavors, we can help guide you towards making a Fellowship viable for any student.

A number of students have raised the full cost of their Fellowship between writing letters and using platforms such as GoFundMe to raise support from family and friends.


Shadow doctors.
Experience a new culture.
Make lifelong friends.

Atlantis Fellows have the opportunity to gain invaluable clinical experience while being immersed in a new culture, all with a group of other like-minded pre-med students.

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Merit Scholarships

The Atlantis Merit Scholarship is extremely competitive. Less than 5% of our students receive a merit scholarship. Our scholarships are reserved for our highest achieving Fellows and require a separate application and interview after acceptance and enrollment. Please note that enrollment consists of choosing a Fellowship and confirming your placement with a signed contract and non-refundable $900 enrollment fee. To learn more about our merit scholarships, reach out to our Admissions Team today!

Our merit scholars are incredibly accoplished students, and typically are juniors or seniors with at least a 3.5 GPA and have a strong, compelling story. To read more about some of our past merit scholars, click the link below.

View past Atlantis Merit Scholars >

Ready to apply?

Our application usually takes 1 hour to complete, and you will hear back from us within 2-3 days. The program is not extremely competitive, but we look for students who are serious about healthcare careers and can represent us well in a hospital environment.