Step into the world where western medicine was born.

Stand where the first Olympians competed. Look over the birthplace of democracy from the steps of the Acropolis. Watch a performance at an outdoor amphitheater. The opportunities are limitless in Greece to experience ancient history and culture in a way textbooks could never describe. While the ancient ruins and history is impossible to miss, modern art has found its way in today's Greece. Venture off the mainland to Greece's famous islands and you'll experience a dreamy getaway with white-clad towns looking out over the Aegean Sea.

After taking in the historical sights, head to any of the iconic beaches Greece has to offer and enjoy white sand beaches and jewel-like waters. Catch a boat and sail towards the horizon. Not near a beach? Head to the mountains. Explore a volcano or hike through the forests. No matter where you are in Greece, cobblestone footpaths, big skies, and never-ending olive groves make it easy for days to fly by under the Aegean sun.

Finish your days off with some of Greece's traditional fare. Grab some moussaka or souvlaki fit to make your mouth water, and cap off the meal with some sweet, flaky baklava. Looking for something lighter? Head out with some friends and get a large plate of meze to share, the Balkan version of small plates. Don't miss out on the chickpea, eggplant, and yogurt-based dishes that are staples of the the Greek meze style.

When you step off the plane in Greece, be prepared to socialize. From city squares to small cafes, Greeks are always in the middle of a conversation, regardless of if they're walking down the street, eating dinner at a long table with family and friends, or ordering their next coffee at the local cafe. Regardless of where you are in Greece, be ready to have a conversation with someone new and learn about one of the most historic countries in Europe.


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