How The Atlantis Fellowship Works


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Applying to The Atlantis Fellowship



University/College Students:

  • Have a genuine interest a career in healthcare

  • At least 18 years old when the Fellowship begins

  • Are attending or have recently graduated from a university in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand, U.K., or Australia

  • Has maintained a competitive GPA at or above 3.0. Students with a GPA below 3.0 are considered on a case-by-case basis.

High School Students:

  • Have a genuine interest in pursuing a healthcare career

  • Is a rising Junior or Senior in High School

  • Is a citizen of the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or U.K.

  • Has maintained a competitive GPA of 3.5 or higher

If you are a high school student, please visit our high school program page here.


The Application

You can begin your application on the Apply page at any time. The application is filled out online and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

The application asks the following:

  • Your basic contact info (5 minutes)

  • Academic information (no transcript required) (5 minutes)

  • A personal statement (20 minutes)

  • Short essay questions about your experiences (35-45 minutes)



Using your application, we will make a preliminary evaluation of your candidacy for placement. Within 1 to 3 days of submission, our Admissions Team will reach out for a short informational call in order to:

  1. Walk through the remaining steps of your Admissions Process

  2. Answer any major questions you still have

  3. Move forward by scheduling your interview

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An Admissions Coordinator will conduct an interview with you within several days of your initial informational call. Interviews are approximately 30 minutes, and take place over Zoom.

Be prepared to discuss the following during your interview:

  • Your application

  • Your career goals in healthcare

  • Why you are pursuing medicine

  • Why you are interested in the Atlantis Fellowship

The Admissions team looks for genuine passion for healthcare, good communication skills, and an altruistic attitude. We also value professionalism, as this shows us how you will interact with our international hospital partners.

The Admissions Coordinator will typically have a decision about your acceptance and be able to discuss that openly with you by the end of the interview.


Enrollment Process

Following acceptance, Fellows are given two weeks to enroll in the Fellowship program of their choice. 

To officially enroll, the Fellow completes the following steps:

  • Pick a Fellowship placement

  • Choose a payment plan option for the Fellowship fees

  • Submit the $900 Enrollment Fee

  • E-sign the student contract (Fellows who will be under 21 years of age on their Fellowship start date require a parent signature as well.)

Note: Until enrollment is officially submitted and approved, there is no penalty for changing your Fellowship. After registering, you are committed to that particular Fellowship (location, dates, and fees). If you wish to change Fellowship programs, there is an additional $900 enrollment fee due to the logistical costs of making changes.

Your Admissions Coordinator is your best resource for answering any questions that you and your family have during the enrollment process.

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After completing the enrollment for your Fellowship, one of our operations team members will be in touch with you, and will be your main point of contact until you depart for your Fellowship location. Their goal is to help you to feel comfortable and confident about travel logistics, cultural changes, and program expectations, as well as make sure you are on track to submit all of the required forms needed to go abroad.



Dates and Fees

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I had an amazing time in Budapest, Hungary shadowing doctors during The Atlantis Fellowship. I made a great group of friends that I'm still in touch with and got to explore the city with them. All of the doctors that I shadowed were extremely helpful. They would take the time to explain what they're doing and why they're doing it, and they made an effort to make sure we could see everything that was going on during the surgical procedures. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone, it was definitely worth it.


-Rachel, 2017 Fellow
Budapest, Hungary


The Atlantis Fellowship has various program lengths and starts on Saturdays between May and August for the summer season, and between December and January for the winter season. For specific dates and Fellowship information, visit our Fellowships page!

Though we operate on a rolling admissions basis, we strongly suggest applying early in the season to ensure that each student has ample time to prepare for their time abroad, find less expensive flights, and discern if a Fellowship is the right fit for them.


Summer 2019





May 11 June 1 July 6 August 3
May 18 June 8 July 13
May 24 June 15 July 20
June 22 July 27
June 29


"While everyone's initial determining factor is the price tag that they see for the program location of their desire, let me tell you something, it's absolutely worth it. In the US, there are few hospitals that allow shadowing of surgeons and physicians, and even fewer that allow you to be in the operating room seeing everything the medical providers see. For those unsure of their career path in medicine, this is the best thing to figure out if the hospital life is for you."


-David Alexander Ceraolo, 2017 Fellow
Cuenca, Ecuador


The Enrollment Fee is a $900 non-refundable deposit that officially reserves your placement in your Fellowship and allows us to officially begin preparing for your trip. It also serves as the primary deposit for your Fellowship; the remaining balance is referred to as the Program Fee. The Program Fee can be paid in full, or through a payment plan.


All fees below include the $900 Enrollment Fee and are listed in USD

Fellowship Length

Starting From

Average Total Fees

1.5 weeks $1,999 $2,399
2 weeks $2,399 $2,899
2.5 weeks $2,899 $3,399
3 weeks $3,599 $3,999
3.5 weeks $3,799 $4,499
4 weeks $4,399 $4,999
6 weeks $7,499 $7,499

Expected personal expenses


Your program fees will cover the following:

  • Support for your Fellowship preparation

  • Hotel or apartment-style housing

  • Three group meals every week

  • Light breakfast every day

  • All internal group transportation

  • Weekly cultural excursions

  • Atlantis 24/7 on-site support through Site Managers

  • Travel Health Insurance

  • An emergency local phone or sim card

You can plan on the following for other expenses:

  • Airfare

  • Meals outside of group meals

  • Lab coat

  • Outlet adapter

  • Any personal travel


Fellows typically spend around 150 USD per week for personal expenses, assuming no major weekend travel and depending on the cost of living in that country. Flight costs vary based on the Fellow’s city of departure and how far in advance the flight has been booked, but they tend to range from $700 to $1400. Our team is available to help Fellows search for less expensive flights, and can also connect you with our partner, Start the Adventure Travel. 

If you are concerned about funding your Fellowship, ask your Admissions Coordinator about our need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships, or review our fundraising guide below for a compilation of fundraising tactics that past Fellows have found to be the most effective.

For specific program fees for each Fellowship, visit our Fellowships page!


We have a limited number of merit scholarships available during each Fellowship season. Our scholarships are very competitive, and since many outstanding Fellows apply, fewer than 1% are chosen. To be considered, you must demonstrate a majority of the following characteristics: a GPA of 3.5 or higher, financial need, leadership experience, extracurricular involvement, and a well-researched passion for Atlantis. There is a separate application and interview process for our merit scholarships that is available to enrolled students only.

You can read about some of our past Merit Scholars here.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is offered based on need. To apply for financial aid please reach out to your Admissions Coordinator to discuss your need and for a link to apply.



Fellowship FAQs

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Q: What is a typical day for an Atlantis Fellow like?

Though the daily schedule varies by program, most Atlantis Fellows shadow five hours per day, Monday through Thursday, beginning at 8 or 9 am. After shadowing, Fellows enjoy free time at their housing, time in the city, or a group dinner. Fridays are excursion days, and weekends are free to rest, explore the city, or travel!

Q: What areas of healthcare will I be able to observe in the hospital?

Department options vary according to availability and Fellowship location. Our team tries their best to assign you according to your department preference, but we’re not able to guarantee that you’ll be able to shadow in your requested specialties. Regardless of department preferences, we encourage you to talk to your Program Coordinator about what you hope to get out of your shadowing experience!

Q: What are students permitted to do while shadowing in the hospital?

We are committed to following AAMC guidelines for pre-health students participating in a clinical experience abroad. Because of this, shadowing is observation only, and Fellows are not allowed to have any direct or indirect contact with patients, regardless of a Fellow’s past experiences or certifications.

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Q: Can I receive course credit for participating in an Atlantis Fellowship?

Though Atlantis does not provide direct credit, students who wish to obtain course credit can reach out to their academic advisor or internship coordinator to see if an Atlantis Fellowship would fulfill any of their coursework requirements. All Fellows receive a Certificate of Completion following the submission of their Post-Program Feedback form, which serves as evidence of the program’s completion. We are also happy to provide any additional documentation required for having your Atlantis Fellowship count as a credit-bearing course.

Q: Where does my money go?

Fees go toward maintaining our staffing, partner development and retention, promotion costs, and administrative costs. The rest covers program costs such as housing, excursions, site staff recruitment and training, travel insurance, liability insurance, meals, excursions, and more.

Q: Do I need to be fluent in the host country language? Do doctors speak English in the hospital?

You do not need to be fluent in the language and the vast majority of our alumni are not fluent in the local language. Because most Fellows are completely immersed in the local language while shadowing and because doctors have varying levels of English fluency (if at all), we highly encourage Fellows to have at least a basic understanding of the host country language.

Q: Do I have to buy my own flights? How much will flights cost?

Yes, you are responsible for securing our own travel to and from the Fellowship. The flight cost to Europe or South America should range from $700-$1400 from most places in the US/Canada, and our team will give general tips for finding flights to Registered Fellows. In most cases, flights should not cost more than $1300 round-trip regardless of program location. We encourage Fellows to research flying from various US/Canadian cities and to look at various departure dates, as you may want to take advantage of traveling before and after your program.

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Q: What if I want to stay longer in my location, or to travel to other locations afterward?

You are welcome to travel before and/or after your Fellowship, and many Fellows do. However, please know that housing will not be provided before the first day of your program or after the last day of your program: if you do travel beyond your program dates you will need to make your own travel arrangements.

Q: What is the weather like?

The weather varies by region and season, so we recommend that you research the climate in your host country for your program dates before you depart. Remember that if you are traveling to the Southern Hemisphere that the seasons will be opposite from what they are in the Northern Hemisphere!

Q: What should I wear in the hospital?

You are expected to dress in business casual attire with a white lab coat while in the hospital. The white lab coat should be below your waist in length, and it is acceptable to have your name or school insignia on or above the breast pocket. Please refer to the Fellow Handbook for a more detailed description of business casual expectations.

Q: What will my housing be like?

Most students live in hotel or apartment-style housing and share a room with other students on their same Fellowship. Please know that housing in Europe and South America tends to be smaller and usually does not have air conditioning. Talk to your Admissions Coordinator for any questions about your specific housing!


Q: What happens if I get sick while abroad?

As a Fellow, you will be covered by Atlantis-provided health insurance while abroad. If you get sick, you should immediately inform your Site Manager and seek medical attention from the hospital if necessary. Please know that you will be expected to pay for all treatments and costs out of pocket, but you can submit a claim afterwards to be reimbursed.

Q: What will I be able to do during free time?

Your free time can be used in many ways, including sightseeing, relaxing on a beach or local natural area, exploring the city, resting up from the busy week, traveling, and more. We recommend researching your host country before your Fellowship begins to find sites and attractions you might want to visit. Your Site Manager will be a great resource for you when abroad, and they can tell you about the customs and schedules in your host city. During the weekends, you are also free travel to other cities, or even countries, if you’ve ensured that you have the right visa requirements.

Q: How is this different than a normal shadowing experience or study abroad program?

As a program that unites many aspects of a shadowing and study abroad experience, we emphasize education within the hospital setting, prioritizing shadowing experience and learning “outside of the classroom” (with the exception of our MCAT programs). Weekly excursions supplement hospital experiences through opportunities for deeper cultural exploration. While we want our students to enjoy their experiences abroad, we also expect each student to bring a readiness to learn and an extreme level of professionalism both inside and outside of the hospital.