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Clinical Shadowing + MCAT Course Overview

The Atlantis Clinical Shadowing + MCAT Fellowship is a MCAT course & physician shadowing program with placements in Europe in the Summer of 2019. Each student will receive 40 hours of MCAT instruction and 40 hours of shadowing over the course of this 4-week program. Our proprietary curriculum and world-class instructors teach the content and test-taking strategies needed to improve each student's score potential dramatically. 



Students applying for the Atlantis Clinical Shadowing + MCAT Course Fellowship should be sophomore, junior, or senior university students with at least a 3.0 GPA who are planning on taking the MCAT during the following academic year (2020-2021).

The Curriculum

The curriculum for the course is an intensive MCAT prep. Details on the specific test prep resources and curriculum for this year will follow, but ultimately will include the following:

  • 40 hrs of MCAT prep in high-yield science topics

  • AAMC online practice resources

  • AAMC full-length practice tests


What's Included?

Hospital placement: We’ve been partnering with international hospitals for the past decade and take care of organizing the hospital shadowing for each program. Shadowing specialties vary by location and Fellows typically shadow in pairs. Though Fellows can request specialties of interest, surgery and other departments are not guaranteed. Department availability depends on the hospital and doctors’ schedules. 

Housing: Hotel or apartment-style housing is provided for the duration of the Fellowship, with Fellows typically sharing rooms. Specific housing amenities vary, but all housing includes basic wifi access and is located in a safe area. Depending on the Fellowship location, the housing-to-hospital commute can take anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour, and may be by walking or public transportation. If needed, the cost of commuting to and from the hospital is covered in your program fees.

Site Managers: Atlantis is headquartered in Washington, DC, but we have an entire team of international staff who work as Regional Directors and Site Managers abroad. Our Site Managers are typically local and bilingual, and go through extensive leadership and safety training to be a part of our staff. They provide on-the-ground support from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, and will arrange and lead all group activities (orientation, city walking tours, shadowing coordination, group meals, and excursions.)

Weekly Cultural Excursions: Each Friday of the Fellowship is reserved for an outing with the whole Fellowship group. Past excursions have included hikes, visits to local museums, sporting events, boat tours, beach trips, kayaking and even taking the train to explore another nearby city. Each excursion includes the transportation and one group lunch or dinner and is planned and led by the program’s Site Manager.

Travel Health Insurance: We provide travel health insurance for all of our Fellows. The insurance plan covers medical costs, as well as lost baggage. Because safety is our top priority, we also partner with an emergency evacuation service in the extreme event that an evacuation is required.

Arrival/Departure: We do not do airport pickup in most locations. However, our programs team in Washington, D.C. will thoroughly prepare you for the logistics of planning your travel. 

Group Meals: Meals include a daily light breakfast, two dinners out each week (usually Monday and Wednesday), and lunch or dinner on excursion days. Fellows are responsible for all other meals that are not group meals.




The Atlantis MCAT Fellowship has various start dates in summer Fellowship seasons. The MCAT program is 4 weeks. Program start dates vary by city, and if accepted you will have the opportunity to review open programs and select a start date that works for your schedule. 


The Enrollment Fee of $900 USD is due within two weeks of acceptance. This nonrefundable deposit reserves your placement and serves as a housing deposit. The remainder of the program fees can be paid in full or through a selected payment plan. Please note that flights are not included.

How to Apply

Our online application takes about 1 hour to complete.  Our team in Washington D.C. reviews applications in the order received and will then follow-up for an interview if application is approved.  No application fee.


Hear from Alumni

The trek into medicine can be an arduous undertaking. The distinctive experience offered by Atlantis can serve to validate and invigorate your desire to enter the medical field. ... [It is] an opportunity unlike any other.
— George Bugarinovic, Harvard Medical School M.D. '20
Joining the Atlantis Fellowship was one of the best decisions of my life. It was definitely a life-changing experience and one that I have consistently talked about in my medical school essays and interviews.
— Jessica Sheu, Rice University '16


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