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You fought through CARS.

You learned how to draw all the amino acids.

You memorized all the metabolic pathways.

You mastered optics and lenses (or maybe you didn’t).

You took more full-lengths than you can remember.

You spent countless hours studying.

In the end, you defeated the MCAT.


Give back this summer and travel fully-funded to Spain, Portugal or Italy instructing other pre-meds on how to crush the MCAT.   

We are running MCAT programs this summer in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and will fund successful students like YOU to instruct pre-meds so that they can follow in your footsteps. Apply now, as placements are limited.

Deadline is April 24th, 2018.


Atlantis | Company Overview

Atlantis is the leading education-abroad provider for pre-health students. Based in Washington D.C.,  we are a dynamic and mission-driven education company that runs short-term hospital observation programs (Atlantis Fellowships) for American undergraduate pre-med & pre-health students. Our students, called Fellows, travel to various global locations during college breaks for an intensive health experience, shadowing doctors in local hospitals and immersing in the local culture. For more information on our programs see our website's homepage


Atlantis MCAT Instructor | Role Description

Atlantis is passionate about helping pre-med university students realize their vocational calling. Our 4-week MCAT Fellowships feature high-yield content review and self-testing using the most representative AAMC materials. They also include 40 hrs of clinical shadowing over 4 weeks. Atlantis is hiring qualified individuals to lead MCAT instruction for Fellows in Almansa, Spain and Pavia, Italy for the following date ranges:


  • Almansa, Spain (one 4-week program from July 12 through August 10th) | $1250 stipend

  • Pavia, Italy (three 4-week programs from May 17th through August 10th) | $4000 stipend

  • Guarda, Portugal (two 4-week programs from June 09 through August 3rd) | $2500 stipend


Atlantis MCAT Instructors will be trained to teach Atlantis’ proprietary MCAT curriculum, developed by a March 2017 MCAT exam-taker who scored a 526.


The expected workload is moderate, averaging 35 to 40 hours per week. MCAT instruction will be Monday through Thursday, and most of your weekends will be free for individual travel or relaxation. Average class size is between 8 to 10 students. You will be invited to join group meals twice a week (Monday and Wednesday evenings) and an all day excursion on Fridays (which includes a meal). Instruction during the first two weeks of a 4 week program will be lighter than the last two weeks. See a sample schedule below:

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Atlantis MCAT Instructor | Eligibility

  • Must have scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the new MCAT (> 513 cumulative)

  • Must have a passion for teaching pre-med students, ideally demonstrated by experiences in teaching, leadership, or tutoring.

  • Must have excellent character, be trustworthy, and able to easily work across cultures.

  • Must have excellent organizational, interpersonal and time management skills.

  • Must have been accepted to medical school.

Terms, Compensation, & Other Benefits:

This is a freelancer or self-employed position. The exact dates you will be needed are outlined above. You can apply for one or both locations. Total stipend compensation is $1250 for the Almansa program, $2500 for the Guarda program, and $4000 for the Pavia program, meant to cover food expenses, work-related transportation, and small expenses abroad. All international roundtrip flights and housing on site are booked directly by Atlantis at no cost to the Instructor. Training costs are covered by Atlantis as well. Instructors  will report to a D.C.-based team lead.

To summarize, Atlantis will directly book and cover:

  • Housing onsite for full length of stay (likely Airbnb).

  • Roundtrip flight to international site, plus ground transport if needed.

  • Group Meals and Excursions with Atlantis Fellows.

  • Roundtrip flight and housing to Washington, D.C. in April or May for Atlantis Mentor Training (training date TBD)

To apply

Applicants should follow this link to apply. The Atlantis MCAT Instructor Application is also embedded in the page below. The application takes between 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The deadline to submit is April 24th, 2018. We encourage you to submit your application early as hiring will be done a rolling basis. You can save your application and complete it in multiple sittings, so long as you copy the link.

We will begin the selection process very soon. Successful applicants will pass 2 stages: the written application, followed by one Skype interviews with DC staff. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 Is there a training process involved?

Yes, we will host a training in D.C. either May 5-6 or May 11-12. Training will run from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

#2 How many Fellows will I teach?

Average class size is between 8 to 10 Fellows.

#3 Is 4 weeks really enough to prepare for the MCAT?

Unless you are super-human, of course not! The 4 week MCAT Fellowship is not meant to be a comprehensive content-review. Most of the curriculum centers around high-yield content and self-testing, utilizing AAMC materials (the most representative practice tests available).

#4 Why should I trust this MCAT curriculum?

The designer of our proprietary curriculum has a full year of teaching experience (teaching science at a charter school to 6th, 7th and 8th graders) and self-studied to score a 526 on the MCAT in March 2017. He previously scored a 31 (83rd percentile) on the old MCAT in August 2014, and has accumulated close to 1000 hours of MCAT study time and experience. He has experience using MCAT materials from providers such as Firecracker, The Berkeley Review, ExamKrackers, The Princeton Review, Khan Academy, and all AAMC materials. He was invited to interview at 9 medical schools this past cycle and will matriculate to medical school in Fall 2018.