The deadline to apply for the Atlantis Mentor class of Summer 2018 has passed. If interested in this position, applications will open in Fall 2018 for Summer 2019 placements. 

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You fought through freshman Bio.

You overcame O-Chem. 

You defeated the MCAT.

You persevered through personal statements and secondary essays. 

You crushed the in-person interview. 

And now, you have been accepted to medical school. 

Give back this summer and travel fully-funded to Europe or South America for 8 to 15 weeks mentoring other pre-med and pre-health students.  

We are running programs this summer in Europe and South America, and will fund future medical students like YOU to coach undergraduate pre-health students so that they can follow in your footsteps. Apply now, as placements are limited. Deadline has been extended to March 30th, 2018.   


Atlantis | Company Overview

Atlantis is the leading education-abroad provider for pre-health students. Based in Washington D.C.,  we are a dynamic and mission-driven education company that runs short-term hospital observation programs (Atlantis Fellowships) for American undergraduate pre-med & pre-health students. Our students, called Fellows, travel to various global locations during college breaks for an intensive health experience, shadowing doctors in local hospitals and immersing in the local culture. For more information on our programs see our website's homepage


Mentor Spotlight - Melaku Arega | Mentored Summer 2017 Fellows in Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy

MS1 at Harvard Medical School

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Melaku moved to Portland, OR with his father and two younger sisters in 2009 at the age 14. He taught himself English at home by watching YouTube videos and studying his Oxford dictionary. Four years later, he matriculated into Johns Hopkins University to study molecular & cellular biology and neuroscience on a Gates Millennium Scholarship. On campus, he serves as a teaching assistant for more than 150 students for the Chemistry Laboratory as well as The Nervous System, a rigorous year-long course all Neuroscience majors take.  In his free time, he enjoys science writing, soccer, and reading books.



Atlantis Mentor | Role Description

Atlantis is passionate about helping pre-health university students realize their vocational calling. We realize that everyone needs a trailblazer, a role model to follow. Think about the people who helped you navigate the murky waters of the pre-med world. You likely had an older sibling, a professor, or pre-med advisor that was instrumental in your success.

Many of our Fellows lack that guidance.

That's where you come in.  

Atlantis is hiring qualified students to mentor Atlantis Fellows in various locations throughout Europe and South America in summer 2018.

Atlantis Mentors will be assigned to mentor students in multiple cities in one of our Fellowship countries for the summer.

The role has 2 main responsibilities:

1) Mentor Atlantis Fellows in one-on-one and group settings. Help them achieve their goals and walk the pre-health path.

2) Lead all educational components of the Atlantis curriculum (lead healthcare ethics discussions, lead practice MMI interviews, discuss cross-cultural physician-patient relationships, walk students through AMCAS primaries, give tips on best study techniques, etc.)  

3) Some mentors will have the opportunity to help organize and manage onsite service or health research projects. Not every mentor will do this.

The expected workload is moderate, averaging 35 to 40 hours per week. Most educational work will be Monday through Thursday, and at least half your weekends will be free for individual travel or relaxation.


Mentor Spotlight - Dylan Marashi | Mentored Summer 2017 Fellows in Lisbon, Portugal

Graduate Student at Harvard Medical School

Dylan is a graduate student at the Harvard Medical School where he studies bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. He led Fellows through ethics seminars, which explored the social-scientific and moral ways of thinking, perceiving, and understanding a patient in terms of health care. His extracurricular interests include crop farming, Russian literature, and coaching little league in his Boston neighborhood.

Atlantis Mentor | Eligibility

  • Must have graduated from a U.S. college or university by May 2018.

  • Must be a rising MS1 or current MS1 or MS2

  • If a rising MS1, must have been accepted to at least one medical school with plans to matriculate in Fall 2018.  

  • Must have a passion for mentoring pre-health students, ideally demonstrated by experiences in teaching, leadership, or tutoring. Teaching experience not required.

  • Must have excellent character, be trustworthy, and able to easily work across cultures.

  • Must have excellent organizational, interpersonal and time management skills.

Terms, Compensation, & Other Benefits:

This is a freelancer or self-employed position. The exact dates you will be needed will be outlined in the hiring process, but generally fall between May 12 and August 24, 2018 and our highly preferred commitment length is 8 to 15 weeks long. Total stipend compensation is generally between $2500 and $4500 and varies based on the region you are sent to and the length of your availability. If you cannot join the program for 8 weeks, but would still be interested, please apply with the understanding that we will prioritize candidates who can commit to 8 weeks or more. Atlantis Mentors will report to a D.C.-based team lead.

Stipend covers: 

  • Housing onsite for full length of stay (likely Airbnb)
  • Roundtrip flight to international site, plus ground transport if needed
  • Most food expenses, work-related transportation, and small expenses abroad
  • Group Meals and Excursions with Atlantis Fellows
  • Roundtrip flight and housing to Washington, D.C. in April or May for Atlantis Mentor Training (training date TBD)

To apply

Applicants should follow this link to apply. The Atlantis Mentor Application is also embedded in the page below. The application takes between 15 to 40 minutes to complete. The deadline to submit has been extended to March 30th, 2018. If you are waiting on med school acceptance decisions and don't hear by March 30th, just contact our team. We encourage you to submit your application early as hiring will be done a rolling basis, and the most popular locations fill up very quickly. You can save your application and complete it in multiple sittings, so long as you copy the link.

We will begin the selection process soon. Successful applicants will pass 2 stages: the written application, followed by one or two Skype interviews with DC staff. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Positions will be offered to successful candidates on a rolling basis between February and May 1st, 2018. 

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Mentor Spotlight - Bright Zhou | Mentored Summer 2017 Fellows in Lisbon, Portugal & Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

MS1 at Stanford Medical School

Bright Zhou is a Bay Area native who graduated from Stanford University in 2016 with a B.A. in Archaeology, with honors and with distinction, and an M.S. in Biology. As part of his thesis work, Bright analyzed the evolving nutritional and skeletal health of a Neolithic community in Turkey. As a separate senior project, he also curated an exhibit entitled “Chinese-American at Stanford: A Reflexive Archaeology.” Bright was extracurricularly involved with the local Cardinal Free Clinics and as a violist in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. He is currently an MS1 at Stanford Medical School, with interests in global and population health. In his free time, Bright enjoys swimming, singing, and cooking. Bright was excited to share his nontraditional path as a social studies-turned-medical student and to work with Atlantis Fellows to craft their own pre-med and pre-health journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 Is my side job or part-time class schedule compatible with Mentoring for Atlantis?

No. Atlantis Mentors must have no other commitments during contract with Atlantis. A completely open schedule is necessary in order to travel and mentor Fellows.

#2 How will you decide where I am going to be sent?

Placements will be created by taking into account the applicant's preferences and our program needs. 

#3 Is there a training process involved?

Yes, we hope to host a training in D.C. sometime in April or May.

#4 How many Fellows will I mentor?

Depends on how long you are available for. You will likely mentor a new group of 12 to 15 students every week, for each week you are abroad. 

#5 What if I'm only available for two months, not the whole summer?

We give preference to those with full summer availability (May 12 to August 24). If you are an exceptional candidate, we can be flexible with your schedule. 

#6 Does it matter what schools I've been accepted to?

We welcome applications from MD and DO candidates alike, so long as you fit the rest of the eligibility criteria.

#7 How is this opportunity different from the ads I see on Instagram and Facebook? How am I different from Atlantis Fellows?

Most of our promotional efforts are directed at students who likely have not been accepted to medical school yet. We want YOU to be mentors for those students, because you have already successfully navigated the pre-med path.