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Upon applying, your child will have a dedicated Admissions Coordinator that will work with them through their entire Fellowship application process. Please be sure to schedule a call with them via your child if you have any questions.

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Our Core Values



At Atlantis, safety is our first priority.

Safety is and always will be our top priority. Going abroad for any reason can plague one's mind with fear, doubt, and trepidation. At Atlantis, we understand this, which is why we've invested an extraordinary amount of time into creating programs that are incredibly well coordinated and hiring the very best, most trust-worthy people to help run them. Check out our team and Site Manager profiles below.

In the over 400 programs we've run across over 10 countries, we have maintained a 100% safety rate, and there have been no major incidents. We believe this is due to our thorough and meticulous planning — we always ensure that the locations, hospitals, and people are conducive to a safe, valuable, and enjoyable experience.

Valuable & Educational

Atlantis fellows have the leg up getting into med school.  

The Atlantis Fellowship is America's leading study abroad program for pre-med and M.D. students. Our program gives your son or daughter the opportunity to better understand the medical profession and its many specialties, deepen their understanding of international healthcare, and prepare for post-undergrad applications, all while on break so as to not miss important classes. Atlantis Fellows often find their fellowship experiences invaluable sources of stories that enrich their medical school essays and interviews. 

The Fellowship also has personal benefits, and every year we see students in our programs improving language skills, developing life-long friendships, increasing self-confidence, expanding their worldview, and testing their conviction and commitment to the medical profession.

Rewarding & Enjoyable

Fellows leave feeling confident and accomplished.

As a parent, you not only want to ensure that the experience is both safe and valuable, but you also want your child to have an enjoyable experience (if only that they might better retain all they learn!)

At Atlantis, the focus is on the long-lasting educational value, but our programs are no bore. Each week, after students have spent ample time in the hospitals, they will have the option to attend the weekly excursions Atlantis has planned. These excursions typically expose the students to the local scenery and culture and have consistently been reviewed as one of the best experiences of our students' undergraduate experiences!

Parents like you had this to say

I don’t know where to start with the compliments. Immediately, our son had the opportunity to shadow physicians and witness surgeries. The physicians were eager to teach and answer questions. The staff were open and accessible to the students and anxious to give them a valuable learning experience.
— Mary Anne, Mother of Jack (Kansas University)
This program was an absolutely incredible experience for our daughter, far beyond our expectations...Although she has done volunteer work in hospitals in the U.S. for more than 3 years and has worked as a clinical researcher in one of the busiest ER departments in the country, none of her experiences were even remotely as valuable as her shadowing experience in Cuenca in terms of understanding the life of a doctor and whether she is meant for this endeavor.
— Deena, Mother of Caroline (Georgetown University)
I would like to attest to the legitimacy of this program, having served as a highly valuable and memorable experience to my child. We did not know what to expect, as my daughter had no classmates or friends joining her in this program, but were able to network before traveling with students across the nation who had already been to this program and others who would be attending and found personal testimony of their experience to ease our minds.
— Rosie, Mother of Katarina (Texas A & M Corpus Christi)

Meet Joana, one of our site managers

Site Manager 1.1.jpg

Site Manager - Atlantis Summer Clinical Fellowship 2017 - Portugal

Hi! I’m Joana...I’m originally from Oeiras, just outside Lisboa. I have a master’s degree in Conservation and Restoration and I love sports. I’ve never lived anywhere else besides Lisboa but I have a very open mind and I love traveling and exploring new culture and customs.

Fun Facts

I know Portuguese Sign Language

Best Travel Memory

I’ve done a 10-day road trip throughout Spain and visited 12 cities.

One Thing I Want Fellows To Take Away

I hope you embrace the Portuguese culture and not be afraid to try new things.

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