Alumni Testimonials:



"My experience with Atlantis allowed me to showcase my passion for global health and commitment to becoming a culturally competent physician on my application. When it came time for medical school interviews, being able to support my answers with personal accounts made a big difference. Thanks to the exposure I gained through Atlantis, I felt confident answering questions about current trends in healthcare and collaboration within the field of medicine."

Maria M. - Georgetown University School of Medicine ‘23


“If you are considering medicine, Atlantis is one of the best experiences you can have to prepare yourself for a field that requires much more than just years of schooling.”

Merissa Maccani - University of Michigan '19


“The Atlantis Fellowship helped me know, without a doubt, that I want to become a doctor and why. Through the Fellowship, I gained experiences to which I will always be able to point to remind me why I chose this challenging and tenacious road. Additionally, the Atlantis Fellowship opened my eyes and heart to the possibility of returning to Ecuador someday to work alongside doctors there or to do medical missions work abroad.”

Caroline Doherty - Georgetown University '19


“I met friends of a life time while following my dream of pursuing a career in health care! I learned so much from the doctors and from my peers. This was an experience I will never forget and I am so happy I had the opportunity to grow as a person both in my career and in my personal life.”

Dominique Linders - Texas Christian University '16


“My experience in Spain with Atlantis further instilled within me the importance of studying medicine cross-culturally. I'm glad I got to learn medicine from a different perspective from the doctors I got to shadow, but at the same time exchange with them how my aspirations to become a physician is intertwined with my identity as a first-generation, low-income minority in the U.S.”

Gabriel Reyes - Brown University '18


“Any experience that validates your passions, challenges your beliefs, and feeds your curiosity is one worth treasuring. I know that my time with Atlantis is a gift I will never forget and will always look upon with a smile. I cannot be more thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime medical fellowship.”

Maria Mavrommatis - Columbia University '17


“Embarking on the journey into medicine can be a long and difficult road at times. However, participating in Atlantis truly reminded me to never stop pursuing that dream. Atlantis is an opportunity of a lifetime that enriches your understanding of medicine, history, culture, and language. The knowledge and skills you will gain during your time in Atlantis are invaluable in preparing you for a successful career as a physician. This program helped catapult me to a full-tuition (and generous living stipend!) merit scholarship opportunity at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine where I currently attend and will graduate with an MD, Masters in Clinical Research, and special qualifications in biomedical research.”

Selena Pasadyn - Harvard University '16


Shadowing in Guadalajara has deepened my passion for medicine in ways that I had never anticipated. I spent 2.5 weeks in Guadalajara, Spain where I had the opportunity to shadow General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Nephrology with four other driven and encouraging students that shared my goals and aspirations. Through the Atlantis fellowship, you are given the tools you need to be fully immersed in a different culture and an entirely different healthcare system. The doctors are willing to teach you and are dedicated to giving students the most beneficial experience possible. […]I would recommend the Atlantis Fellowship to anyone that is interested in a career in medicine and wants to be fully immersed in the medical field.

Elizabeth Whitaker - The University of Mississippi ‘21


“Being able to shadow abroad is one of the most important things I have done because it has helped open my eyes to international healthcare systems. It has also given me a way to see the American healthcare system from a new perspective. My Atlantis experience is already helping my future due the friendships I made with other fellows that were in Barcelona with me. They have helped give me advice on the process of applying to medical school, getting clinical hours, and getting involved in research.”

Camden Cusumano - University of Georgia '19


"The specialties I shadowed were geriatrics, pulmonology, and intensive care. I chose to shadow physicians in Toledo because it has a tricultural heritage. Moreover, shadowing physician-patient interactions in Spanish was a chance to improve my grasp of Spanish medical terminology; I have been studying Spanish since the 7th grade." 

- Ali Khan, University of Rochester '16

"During my time as an Atlantis Fellow, I was able to shadow international doctors in a variety of departments including Pediatrics, Neurology, Cardiology, and Anesthesiology. I loved having the one-on-one time with such a large variety of doctors. After finishing this program, I felt like I better understood the different specialties and what a typical day would look like when I become a physician."

- Kendall Bielak, George Mason University '16


"To care for or treat someone as a medical professional compassion, understanding, and trust is needed. Another important trait needed is tolerance. As future or current medical professionals, it is vital that we can be tolerant of anything different (opinions, religion...etc.). Atlantis exposes you to exercise this including all the other aforementioned traits while learning from experienced physicians."

- Kurrdeige Alexander, Florida Southern College '18

"Do you want to meet new friends, travel, and witness something you have a passion for? Atlantis is right for you then."

- Peter Granger, Montana State University '18


"From the post-acceptance excitement to pre-flight anxiousness and uncertainty, the idea of traveling to a foreign country where they spoke a language other than English left me experiencing a whirlwind of emotions . However, at the conclusion of my four week program I can confidently attest to the fact that Atlantis was the most memorable and rewarding experience of my life. I began the journey wondering if the medical field was truly for me, and, now, my only remaining question is whether I will be studying medicine at an American or Spanish University."

- Kenneth Gan, Stevens Institute of Technology '15

"I aspire to travel the world and make a positive impact on it along the way.  Atlantis allowed me to do so by sending me to an island in the middle of the Atlantic where I got to shadow top tier physicians.  I am thankful for such a great opportunity and learning experience!"

- Austin Purviance, UNC Chapel Hill '17


"If you are considering medicine, Atlantis is one of the best experiences you can have to prepare yourself for a field that requires much more than just years of schooling. Not only will you experience the differences in healthcare in another country in a way that allows you to contrast medicine with the United States, but you will also gain insight into the fundamentals of healthcare and medicine that stand true no matter exotic and foreign of a place you travel to. I have never had a more in-depth look into medicine, and in some ways I have also never had a more adventurous and exciting experience as I did with Atlantis. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who has even an inkling of an interest in medicine and a desire to travel."

- Merissa Maccani, University of Michigan '19


"Please, please, please consider this awesome experience because I can honestly say that this changed my life. I have never had so much fun while learning so much, and I formed friendships with doctors, fellows, and coordinators that will last a lifetime."

- Natasha Jackson, Syracuse University '19

"If you know and love medicine as much as I do, then you know that medical school and your future practice will likely bog you down to one or two locations for the rest of your life. With this in mind, my advice is twofold: 
1) You're killing two birds with one stone by engaging in a hospital internship conducive to a strong med school application while in an exciting foreign country you'll probably never get a chance to visit again. 
2) The people you meet will be lifelong friends with a common career trajectory; going into your 20s, that's a rare catch. 
Atlantis couldn't have hit the bullseye more perfectly in these regards. I wholeheartedly encourage you to apply."

- Joseph Tang, University of Notre Dame '18


"Atlantis provides an extraordinary opportunity because it provides a variety of valuable experiences in a healthcare setting and a network in the healthcare field. The doctors that teach you are extremely thoughtful, even if it's making sure you understand the patient guidelines or just further explain medical terminology."

- Ashley Tejada, University of California Merced '19

"You can't beat this deal. You get to study abroad, meet new friends, explore the country, and further your interests in the medical field. I don't know how someone could say no."

- Nick Brotzman, Susquehanna University '19


"Atlantis is an excellent opportunity for pre-med students who want a study abroad experience. Fellows are placed in small groups or alone with physicians, which facilitates an in depth learning experience and close connections with the physicians. By the end of the program, especially a longer one, you feel completely immersed in local life. This process is aided by the outings prepared by Atlantis, which are incredible educational tools for understanding the history and culture of the program site."

- Carter Kyle, Smith College '18

"Atlantis is a fleeting opportunity to engage in medicine before you go actually begin practicing medicine firsthand. This program can help you decide if medicine is actually for you, or even reaffirm your decisions and be the boost you need to keep on following your dream."

- Sarah Rebey, Indiana University '17


"Atlantis truly is a life changing experience. Honestly, words can't describe how much you learn from the doctor's. Not only factual information and the science behind procedures, but how they give care to their patients. Furthermore, you get to explore a whole new culture. From trying local restaurants, attending traditional festivals, feasting on gelato, and testing the night life. Along the way, you expand your network and genuinely make life-long friendships. Atlantis will not only be full of endless memories, but will motivate you to become a pre-health professional."

- Arsalan Ali, University of Texas at Austin '18

"This project will give you the experience of a lifetime while allowing you to truly decide if medicine is for you. The people you meet will never leave your side and will be your peer group for years to come."

- Brittany Smith, Christopher Newport University '18

"Atlantis is an embodiment of the global medical and culture adventure you are looking for. You do not just gain 60 hours of shadowing hours for being a participant in Atlantis; you will receive an experience of a lifetime."

- Austin Bergeron, MCPHS University '19


"Joining Atlantis was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It was definitely a life-changing experience and one that I have consistently talked about in my medical school essays and interviews. This trip was one that I will surely never forget.”

- Jessica Sheu, Rice University '16

"Serving as an Atlantis Fellow enabled me to learn on-the-ground about the important topic of universal health care in developed countries, as well as witness exciting medical procedures. The physicians and other medical staff I worked with were very kind and enjoyable to work with."

- Rubini Naidu, Carnegie Mellon University '16


"The Atlantis Fellowship gives the opportunity of a lifetime by providing a unique and immersive experience in the European culture while simultaneously amplifying one's passion for the medical field. I am very fortunate to have participated in this Fellowship as it significantly reinforced my interests in medicine and travel. Toledo, Spain was a beautiful city to live in for a week and I would be more than thrilled to one day go back and continue to explore the rest of Europe."

- Humberto Salazar, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley '16

"As someone who aspires both to be a physician and travel, Atlantis gave me the most incredible five weeks of my life. I was able to not only further solidify that my dream is to become a doctor, but I also began to think about the specialty I would like to pursue all while immersing myself in Spanish culture and learning about the Spanish healthcare system. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity that I had through Atlantis."

- Prasanti Ravipati, Drexel University '17


"This program gave me the chance to experience an entirely different culture while learning about medicine from incredibly talented doctors. I was able to shadow doctors from specialties all throughout the hospital, and each one went out of their way to explain things to me and answer my many questions. It was an amazing experience, and I learned so much in the four weeks I spent in Spain - about medicine, about the different healthcare systems, and about myself."

- Anh Huynh, UCLA  '16

"This program allowed me the chance to shadow in many different medical specialties and to really learn about the life of a physician. I loved being able to talk with the doctors and learn about their experiences. It was an interesting experience to learn about a medical system that is so different from that in the United States."

- Tory Prynn, Arizona State University '16

"This project will give you the experience of a lifetime while allowing you to truly decide if medicine is for you."

- Brittany Smith, Christopher Newport University '18