Atlantis Fellowships Overview

The Atlantis Fellowships are designed for pre-med and M.D. candidates interested in a variety of different experiences. With specialized tracks, we have designed world-class programs for every stage of your path. 



As our flagship program, the focus of Atlantis Clinical is AAMC-compliant doctor observation and reflection. You will join a group of pre-med students from universities around the United States and shadow doctors in various specialties for over 60 hours while abroad.


The Atlantis Service Learning Fellowship is designed for pre-med students interested in clinical shadowing and a significant community service project in one of our host sites. You will accrue at least 40 hours of community service and 40 hours of shadowing during the shortest 4-week program.


The Atlantis Research Fellowship is designed for pre-med students interested in research opportunities in a global context. You will have opportunities to be placed with one of our lab partners or conduct an comparative health research project onsite in one of our partner hospitals.



The Atlantis MCAT Fellowship is a competitive MCAT prep & physician shadowing where you will receive 96+ hours of MCAT instruction on the 4-week program and over 180 hours in the 8-week program. Our proprietary curriculum and world-class instructors teach you the content and test-taking strategies you need to know to improve your score potential dramatically.


App Prep

The Atlantis App Prep Fellowship is an intensive M.D. application prep and physician shadowing program designed for pre-med students applying to medical school. You will also receive tailored advice on your personal statement drafts, secondary essay editing, and MMI and traditional interview prep.


M.D. Candidates

The Atlantis M.D. Fellowship is a competitive physician shadowing program for current M.D. candidates with placements in Europe or South America. You will join a group of M.D. candidates from medical schools across the United States to shadow doctors in various specialties for 20+ hours per week abroad.