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Explore our specialized Fellowship Tracks: 

 Atlantis Fellows 2017

Atlantis Fellows 2017

Shadowing, Research, MCAT, Service, & M.D. applicant prep.

The Atlantis Fellowships are designed for pre-med and M.D. candidates interested in a variety of different experiences. With specialized tracks in clinical shadowing, service-learning, researchMCAT prep, app prep, and dedicated fellowships for M.D. Candidates, we have designed world-class programs for every stage of your path. 

 Atlantis Fellows 2017

Atlantis Fellows 2017

A summer in Europe or South America with friends. 

Summer is a perfect time to focus on experiential learning. We have designed the Atlantis programs for busy pre-med and M.D. students who have to fit our program into a busy schedule. Build friends, grow your network, and learn from healthcare professionals and world-class instructors.

 Atlantis Fellow, 2017

Atlantis Fellow, 2017

Grow in a new culture and language.  

Atlantis Fellows are explorers. We look for students with a deep interest in learning, challenge, and growth. We have high expectations for students on our programs, and in return our students receive world-class educational value. 


 Atlantis Fellow & Hospital Partner, 2017

Atlantis Fellow & Hospital Partner, 2017

Build lifelong global healthcare connections.

On our programs you will meet incredible healthcare professionals from all over the world. Some will speak your language, some won't. But every relationship will deepen your network of experts in medicine, preparing you as you embark on your career in healthcare. The Atlantis Fellowship lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of global health and medical connections that can last a lifetime.



Today, healthcare students.
Tomorrow, leaders.

The Atlantis Fellowship builds tomorrow's medical leaders. We want to challenge our students to grow more in one summer than they would in years of classroom education.

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We are based in Washington, D.C. USA

Leaders in Healthcare Education Innovation. 

Atlantis is based in the Washington, D.C. metro area. We were founded in 2007 with a vision of changing global healthcare practice through ethical international education programming for pre-medical and medical students. Our mission is to help our students see medicine as a vocation and learn a posture of service, not merely competition, inside the healthcare professions. We want to lead the way in the fight for a renewed focus on comprehensive, patient-centered care in the US and abroad. 

Applications are now open for winter & summer 2018. Placements are limited.