One of Europe's hidden gems, Serbia is an up and coming Balkan destination.

Sharing an inland border with Croatia, Serbia is another up and coming Balkan gem. Its capital city, Belgrade, regularly draws comparisons to Berlin for its lively atmosphere. Serbian people are warm and welcoming, making you to feel right at home shortly after arriving. In Belgrade, wake up early and take a walk along the Danube to start your day. Around every corner you're bound to see a shift in architecture from traditional architecture of an old European city to modern, towering buildings in the new areas of the city.

Unlike it's waterfront neighbors, Serbian cuisine consists heavily of farmed foods, from vegetables, to dairy, to meats from livestock. It seems like every true Serbian meal will involve plates of mouthwatering meat dishes. It will be seemingly impossible to go anywhere without coming across cevapi, which has been likened to the Serbian equivalent to kebab in its popularity. After a Serbian meal, you can see the cultural history clearly as you browse the dessert menu. From leave-behinds of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the north to the Turkish influence in the south, the Balkan history of changing empires is more than evident in Serbian sweets.

Venturing out from Serbia's urban hubs, you will quickly be surrounded by mountains and rolling green hills for miles. With about 75% of the country being considered mountainous, Serbia's natural beauty is a diamond in the rough. With rivers winding through canyons and the great Danube, the picturesque scenes abound in the Serbian countryside.

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