Job Description

Atlantis is hiring Site Managers to manage various pre-health abroad programs in Europe and Latin America in winter 2019.  The position is very demanding, challenging, and fulfilling. Main responsibilities include:

  • Manage groups of university students (Atlantis Fellows) observing in hospitals and oversee their safety and well-being during their Fellowship. This includes 24/7 emergency availability.

  • Organize travel, housing, group meals, and local transport procedures for Fellows. This includes managing purchases and expense reports.

  • Maintain flow of coordination and logistics information with USA and Global Programs Teams.

  • Plan, organize, and facilitate the observation experiences of the students within Atlantis Partner Hospital(s).

Candidate Profile:

  • Must have attained a bachelor’s or equivalent university degree with good marks.

  • Must have excellent organization, interpersonal and time management skills

  • Must have excellent character, be trustworthy, and able to easily work across cultures

  • Must be fluent in English and local languages, written and verbal.

  • We prefer at least 2 years of work experience (and Student Programs and Operation roles are preferred).

  • We prefer, but do not require, basic proficiency in Microsoft and Google software (Excel, Gmail, etc).

Employment Term: 

Programs run from December 2018-January 2019. The Site Manager will also take part in a two-week Project Planning Course before the start of programs. 



Atlantis is a leading education-abroad provider based in Washington, D.C., USA. We are a dynamic and mission-driven education company that runs short-term hospital observation programs (Fellowships) for American undergraduate pre-med/pre-health students. Our students, called Fellows, travel to various global locations during college breaks, observe and follow doctors in local hospitals, and learn about local culture. For more information on our programs see our website at https://atlantisglobal.org


To apply: 

Please go to our Site Manager Application webpage https://atlantisglobal.org/smapply Here you can also find Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials. If you're interested, we're hiring!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 What does a typical day look like as a Site Manager?

Pre-Fellowship weeks: Visiting hospital(s) and personally meeting with doctors, planning excursion days, preparing communication pathways, planning certain meals, and arranging housing.

Fellowship weeks: Helping escort students from their housing to hospital, overseeing Fellow-Doctor relationships at hospital, sharing meals with fellows, taking students on excursions, and helping students as otherwise needed.


#2 How much should Site Managers expect to help the Atlantis Fellows during a Fellowship?

Please remember that Atlantis Fellows will likely be in a completely new, foreign environment. It’s likely that they will be unfamiliar and even a bit uncomfortable with their surroundings. Moreover, there will likely be great language barriers. Site Managers help Fellows navigate their environment. We ask that you do your best to put yourself in their shoes. We think this will help you understand the great positive impact that you could have on Fellows’ experiences.


#3 What exactly does 24/7 availability mean?

A Site Manager is the main contact for a group of American university students who have travelled to a foreign country and likely cannot speak the local language fluently. Should an emergency occur, at any hour, Site Managers must be ready and willing to assist in any way that is reasonable and helpful.

#4 How many hours should I expect to work?

50-55 hours each week. This can be a very demanding job, and we think you will learn a lot from your experiences and grow professionally, especially being challenged in areas of language, logistics, and management. 


#5 What does the Project Planning Course look like?

The Project Planning Course is meant to best equip and guide Site Managers so that they might best prepare their sites for Fellows. (Site Managers spend 2-3 weeks before Fellowships begin preparing their sites for Fellows.) Site Managers receive no compensation for participating in the Project Planning Course, but the Course is fully funded and so will incur no costs to Site Managers. The Project Planning Course also allows you to meet other Site Managers from your region and other Atlantis contractors and employees.



Site Manager Testimonials

Fatima Martinez | Spain

What made you want to apply to Atlantis in the first place?


"It was 2015 and at that time I was looking for a job preferably in my region, checking online for possible options. When I saw the Atlantis job offer I was really surprised and excited for the possibility as it is not the kind of usual application process easy to find here: a foreign company looking for locals to work together managing an international educational program!"

What has being a Site Manager done for your professional development/How does being a Site Manager help you get closer to achieving your life goals and dreams?

"The abilities that you gain during the Site Manager work never stop growing, especially the ones about problem-solving, decision-making, time management, communication and English skills. To coordinate groups of people is different with every new program, so you have to be ready for facing new situations continuously trying to always improve the quality. I have always wanted to work as a link between countries while sharing my culture and encouraging an open-minded attitude!"


Dani Balseca | Ecuador

What made you want to apply to Atlantis in the first place?


"When I came back from my masters (International Business ) and found the job posting I remember thinking it was made for me, I felt that what the job asked for was just describing me. Organizing, dealing with people from other countries, negotiating, showing them around my city, etc. It was something I was looking forward to, it was like a calling. I just felt I belonged to this project in my city."

What is one of your favorite memories as a Site Manager?

"Really hard to decide after dealing with 4 different groups because I have different favorite memories with each of them, and they are all so precious and special. Too many dance classes or guitar sing-alongs, dinners, traditions we shared, birthdays. Maybe its because its one of the most recent ones, but my current favorite is when they discovered somehow when my birthday was and just invited me for a surprise dinner on the very day, they were so attentive and the details just made my heart swell with happiness. It was definitely something I was not expecting and surprising me is really difficult."

In one sentence, describe the qualities needed to be a great SM.

"For this, I'm going to use something a fellow recently said to me: 'You've been a mother, a sister and a friend, all that we needed at different times and you just seamlessly adjusted your role depending on the situation.' Fellows really become part of my family for their time here and that's what makes saying goodbye so hard but I also think that's where the success factor is: people like to belong or feel they do, and they do in here."