Healthcare in Spain

The Spanish National Healthcare System ("Instituto Nacional de la Salud") is a public system that provides universal coverage and free healthcare to all Spanish citizens. The World Health Organization ranked it the seventh best in the world, though patients often have to wait a long time for procedures or to see certain specialists. 

  • Total health spending is 9.4% of GDP

  • 90% of Spaniards use the public system, though there is also private coverage available

  • Healthcare spending has decreased in the past few years, and waiting times for procedures can be long

Spend your summer finding a second home in Spain

Spain’s diverse landscapes can pique anybody's interest. The snowcapped Sierra Nevada overlook the sunny plains of Andalucía, and the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa are some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. The beautiful cliffs of Spain’s Atlantic northwest are countered by the quiet coves of the country's Mediterranean coastline. Everywhere you go, quaint small villages of ages past dot the country as outposts of the Old Spain juxtaposed with the metropolitan hubs like Madrid and Barcelona.

Cuisine is not just a passion in Spain, it is an obsession. The core principles of Spanish cooking are quite simple, but the results are far from it. From jamón ibérico, to paella, to croquetas, traditional Spanish fare is bound to make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about food. 

With a long history of being conquered and conquering, Spain has a diverse mix of architectural influence. From the Roman cathedrals to intricate Moorish buildings, history spills onto the streets with every building you pass. Combine that history with the art and architecture of Dalí, Picasso, and Gaudí, and the range of beauty throughout history that you can see on one street corner is unrivaled.

Take away all of the natural, artistic, and culinary beauty about Spain and you are left with the people. Spaniards treat life like it is a long, never-ending party, and visitors are always invited. A warm hug and kiss on the cheek is not only acceptable, but expected in greetings, which is a small window into the hearts of the Spanish people, who will feel like family by the end of your Fellowship.

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