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"I think the connections with the physicians is what really helped me [determine my vocational calling]...they were extremely helpful and open to any questions I had. Getting that chance to be right next to the patient and being inside [the Operating Room], it's a lot of behind the scenes information that you don't get in the US."

-Kevin Turner, Atlantis Fellow 2017

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Clinical Shadowing

Atlantis Fellowships give you the opportunity to rotate through a range of specialties, gaining more than 60 hours of international shadowing experience. 

Research Opportunities

Gaining research experience will boost your pre-med student's Med school application, helping you stand out above other candidates. Atlantis research projects are designed around the specific skills and topics that will help them get into med school. 


Atlantis MCAT Fellowships provide 80 hours of rigorous test prep with our instructors, helping ensure you get the highest MCAT score possible.  


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