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The pre-med community needs you.

The Greek life community reads The Odyssey Online. The college sports community reads SB Nation. In comparison, the pre-med community has... no one. 

Currently, no one is creating engaging, educational pre-med content.  "How do I study for the MCAT? What are my chances of getting into med school? How do I pass Organic Chemistry?" These questions are going unanswered. A million confused pre-meds have nowhere to turn.

You can change that. 

Atlantis, the leader in healthcare education abroad, is launching the Atlantis Library, the authoritative source of content for every pre-med concern.

Will you help us build it? We are recruiting the best pre-med writers from schools across the country to create content for an audience of thousands . Here's how it works: we send you topics to write about, you send us back your original content. As an Atlantis Author, you get paid the equivalent of $25/hr (that's the same as a $55,000 full-time job).

You write on your own time. You get the credit. You reach a huge audience. 

Ready to apply? Click below to begin the 3 minute application.

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